Shooting Accident That Killed Two Members of Separation Group

Shooting Accident That Killed Two Members of Separation Group

There are a lot of things happening in Papua, especially when you are talking about its separation from Indonesia. Until this time, there are still some free west Papua movements that you can find in this area. To make it even worse, there was a case of shooting that killed two members of this movement. Unfortunately, this incident is something that creates a massive conflicts in Papua for the next few months. For your information, there are actually some things that you might have missed from this incident.

For the start, this incident is actually a real accident. Everything was started when a taxi driver was shot down by one of the members of the separation army. This is not something that you can find from the west Papua news because the taxi driver was not a native people of Papua. As an addition to that, the body was found in one of the territory that is controlled by the separation army. When the Indonesian force tried to evacuate the victim, there were shootings that caused this kind of accident to happen.

Another thing that many people do not realize is the fact that the accident was started by the separation group. This is because they think that every people who are not one part of the group that come to their territory are the enemy. This is also one thing that can simply trigger the west Papua conflict. As the result, when the Indonesian army comes to do the evacuation of the body, they started the shooting. The accident happened during the two hours of shooting there. Judging from those two things mentioned above, you could say that the death of the two members of the group was just an accident. However, there are a lot of people who said as if it is something that has been planned by the Indonesian army.



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